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Atlas Beacon™ Overview

Usability Demonstration


The Atlas Beacon™ light is a consumable, multi-purpose illumination and marking device characterized by exceptional endurance, ruggedness, and versatility.

This compact, lightweight device has an effective continuous run time of 14+ days (336+ hours). However, a tactile on/off button allows it to be reused an indefinite number of times until the battery expires. Available in various colors, the button is color-coded for easy device identification. Each press of the button cycles the light to its next preset mode; they include steady-on and flashing options.

Four bright LEDs provide 360-degrees of illumination through a translucent, colorless housing, which is composite in design. A rigid internal structure supports and protects the electronics inside, and a soft but tough overmold dampens impacts and waterproofs the device. This combination results in a very rugged product capable of withstanding anything from slamming it against solid concrete to water pressures down at 200 feet.

It also has a durable, hands-free attachment sling that incorporates a D-ring, hook tape, and a detachable shock-cord lanyard into its design to enhance product versatility. These elements combine to enable quick and secure attachment to countless surfaces and objects, including PALS webbing, loop fabric, belts, carabiners, doors, railings, branches, etc. In addition, adhesive-backed loop tape can be paired to the sling’s hook tape, making it possible to temporarily attach the light to flat inclined or overhead surfaces.

With its overall functionality and outstanding performance characteristics, the Atlas Beacon light is a very suitable, cost-effective solution for an unlimited number of applications—it’s a vital asset to have in every kit.

Typical Applications

  • Designating/Marking Personnel, Equipment, Locations, Trails, Routes, Objects or Hazards
  • Emergency / Backup Lighting
  • Combat Clearance, Deconfliction, Signaling
  • Military Free Fall (MFF) / Skydiving
  • SCUBA Diving, Boating Safety
  • Survival / First Aid Kits


Salient Characteristics

  • Innovative, Highly-Versatile Hands-Free Sling Design
  • Tactile color-coded on/off button makes it easy to use and identify
  • Durable, Impact-Resistant Construction
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Non-Toxic

Additional information

Weight 0.09 lbs
Dimensions 1.54 in

Blue, Green, Red, White


Steady-On, Flash, Off

Run Time

Continuous 14+days (336+ hours)

Flash Rate

50 ± 10/min (BL, GN, RD, ), 90 ± 10/min (WT)


360° Illumination Visible up to 1 mile (1.6 km) away

Operating Temperature Range

-22˚F to +140˚ (-30˚C to +60˚C)

Water Resistance

Buoyant; Waterproof up to 200+ ft (60+ m)

Manufacture Location

All products are designed and manufactured in the USA


Press on/off button to cycle through modes. There is an off-mode between each operating mode. A split-second delay while pressing the button prevents inadvertent mode change from impacts, etc. Once activated, the device will remain on until it is deactivated or the battery expires.