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AtlasBeacon™ IR

The Atlas Beacon IR™ light is a consumable, multi-purpose infrared illumination and marking device. It’s ideal for location or object marking, area illumination, signaling, and identification during low-light operations with night vision equipment.

An innovative time-delay activation cycle prevents accidental illumination discharge, and it also allows you to activate the device and toss it to a location prior to it lighting up. This gives you the option of staying dark and covertly deploying an IR light source when there is the possibility that the enemy might be equipped with night vision systems as well.

A hands-free sling enhances versatility by facilitating quick and secure attachment to countless surfaces and objects, including PALS webbing, loop fabric, carabiners, doors, railings, branches, etc. In addition, hook tape is integrated into its design, meaning adhesive-backed loop tape can be paired to it, making it possible to temporarily attach the light to flat inclined or overhead surfaces.


Typical Applications

  • Covertly illuminate rooms, tunnels, and areas with IR light when traditional means are not desirable, sufficient or possible.
  • Designating/Marking Personnel, Equipment, Locations, Trails, Routes, Objects or Hazards
  • Combat Clearance, Deconfliction, Signaling
  • Distraction Device against Night Vision Equipped Enemy

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Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 3.9 in

Steady-On, Off

Run Time

Continuous 14+ days (336+ hours)


Provides 360° of Illumination, up to 1 mi (1.6 km) away in clear conditions

Operating Temperature Range

-22˚F to +140˚F (-30˚C to +60˚C)

Water Resistance

Buoyant; waterproof up to 200+ ft (60+m)

Manufacture Location

All products are designed and manufactured in the USA

Patent Number

#US 8,519,369 B1

Product Activation

Press on/off button for a couple of seconds until a red indicator light turns on. The device is entering its activation cycle—release pressure from the button. After a moment, the red light will turn off, indicating the IR LEDs will activate in approximately eight seconds. Once activated, the device will remain on until it is deactivated or the battery expires.

Product Deactivation

Press the on/off button for a couple of seconds until a green indicator light turns on. The device is deactivating—release pressure from the button. After a moment, the green light will turn off, followed by the IR LEDs shortly thereafter. Once the device is off, it can be reused an indefinite number of times for as long as the battery has power.