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Years of Research & Development

Patent Protected Technology

First Of Their Kind Products

To be the most prepared in the field, your organization not only needs expert training but also to be equipped with the most effective products available. Tactical Revolution has spent years researching and developing its patent protected products in order to offer our clients the most advanced tactical tools available in the industry.

Marauder™ Ballistic Shield (MBS) System

The Marauder Ballistic Shield is an Offensive Assault Shield that utilizes a tactical load-bearing system to suspend our state of the art shield. This ability allows the operator to use either their Primary or Secondary weapon “hands-free” when needed to open doors, deploy concussion explosives, change magazines, transition, or use both hands on a weapon.

This makes the MBS an “offensive” ballistic shield that is a game-changer when conducting any type of close-quarters combat.

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AtlasBeacon™ Visible

The Atlas Beacon™ light is a consumable, multi-purpose illumination and marking device characterized by exceptional endurance, ruggedness, and versatility. With its overall functionality and outstanding performance characteristics, this is a very suitable, cost-effective solution for an unlimited number of applications.

AtlasBeacon™ IR

The ATLAS Beacon IR™ is one of the most versatile and durable infrared light beacons available today. With 336+ hours of battery life, the ability to tolerate temperatures from -22°F (-30°C) to 140°F (60°C), and waterproof up to 200 ft (60m), this beacon can withstand and operate in the harshest of conditions.

Custom Designed Products

Our engineers have deep experience developing and fielding multiple ballistic armor applications and beacon technologies delivered within an exceptionally condensed timeline. TACREV is an industry leader in developing and delivering custom and unique solutions that are specifically geared towards enhancing the capabilities and survivability of US special operations personnel.

Ajax Armor™ System

The Ajax Armor System, characterized by its functionality, versatility, and ease-of-use, can be deployed with an unparalleled capability on nearly any crew-served weapon, delivering critical ballistic protection for a broad range of applications. It is a logical, cost-effective solution for enhancing battlefield survivability and warfighter confidence.

Hammerhead™ Rail System

Our patent-protected technology will allow weapon systems to have side-mounted armor systems like the Ajax™ Armor System without reducing the ability to top mount an optic or laser aiming device. This rail system represents the future of weapon augmentation systems as it will protect the offensive capability that a medium-heavy weapon system provides.