About Us

TACREV is committed to enabling operational success through innovative and enhanced training applications, while providing the highest level of protection technologies to our operators.

Who We Are

We give you the tactical advantage necessary to fight against current and emerging threats in a Law-Enforcement or Military environment. Our advanced training and technology solutions substantially enhance current field capabilities for countless scenarios and operations. 

TACREV is an industry leader in developing and delivering custom and unique solutions that are specifically geared towards enhancing the capabilities and survivability of U.S. Special Operations Forces. We have extensive knowledge and experience with the tactics, techniques, and procedures employed by our Special Operations Forces, giving us a thorough understanding of the inherent risk associated with executing our country’s most sensitive missions.

“Enhancing Survivability”

Protecting Those Who Protect Us


Established in 2011, Tactical Revolution, LLC brings revolutionary products and training services to various Defense and U.S. Government Clients.  TACREV is composed of former Special Mission Unit Operators in addition to Army, Navy, Marine, and Civilian Professionals.  Our team brings a diverse set of unique skills mastered through industry expertise and executive-level Special Operations Forces leadership experience.

Our knowledge of our clients’ mission and culture is unparalleled due to our members’ recent service and experience in senior leadership positions. This enables continuity of existing relationships within various organizations & communities supporting the continued evolution of their processes and our shared culture.  TACREV is here to enhance the world’s best with our groundbreaking designs and services.

Fast, Responsive, and Reliable

We understand the needs different organizations might have. We work quickly to get your critical Products or Training Services delivered.

Operational Security (OPSEC)

TACREV practices modern and DOD recognized administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect all nonpublic Government information. Our staff has held, or currently hold TS/SCI security clearances and are familiar with the sensitivities of SAPs. OPSEC is one of our top priorities as demonstrated by our established Company INFOSEC, CYBERSEC and OPSEC procedures.


We work closely with top-tier government agencies and military units in the United States and abroad.