“Enhancing Survivability”

Protection through revolutionary equipment and training services.

Cutting Edge Protective Equipment

Industry Leading Training Services


Tactical Equipment


Utilizing years of experience in the field, our team has developed some of the most advanced technologies available…


Training Services


TACREV leverages the experience of many former Special Operations Forces and Special Mission Unit members to deliver uniquely effective Tactical and Specialty Training…


TACREV’s staff has a deep knowledge of U.S. Special Operations capabilities and requirements through many years of personal experience. Our top-quality products and services will leave you confident that your unit has the absolute best training and technologies in order to deal with the most dynamic threats you may encounter.


All of our team members are highly-qualified, educated, and skilled professionals. We work hard to understand the exact needs of our clients in order to best supply your organization with the most advanced tactical equipment and training available today.


Revolutionary Products

Ballistic Shields

The absolute best when it comes to ballistic protection. Modular and portable, our truly groundbreaking shield features allow its user to operate it “hands-free. Field-tested, our shields have proven widely successful as an industry leader in new age armament.

Tactical Illuminators and Markers

The most versatile all-purpose illumination and marking device currently available on the market. The Atlas Beacon™ light and Atlas Beacon IR™ beacons work in the harshest environments under the toughest conditions.

Weapon Rail Systems

A revolutionary tactical rail system for crew-served weapons supporting side-mounted armor protection for the shooter while adding a top-mounted rail system to increase weapon effectiveness while “Enhancing Survivability.”

Mounted Armor Solutions

Already modernizing the industry, our mounted armor solutions provide you protection from dangers in vulnerable situations that keep your best interests safe and ready to conduct business.

Custom Products

We work with you to develop success from design through production in order to provide the world’s most innovative services. Contact us now to turn your revolutionary solution into a reality.

Enhanced Training & Exercise Support

TACREV currently supports various major exercises for U.S. Special Mission Units and multiple U.S. Special Operations Components.

First-Class Support Services

Our organization’s experience exceeds industry standards for ALL of your training and exercise needs. From design, planning, and scripting to execution and backside support, we take pride in exceeding expectations in all facets of performance. With a proven track record for our nation’s most elite Special Mission Units, you can be sure TACREV will revolutionize how an organization conducts its training and exercise events.

Exercise Planning, Support, and Scenario Development

Opposition Forces/Role Player Support and Management

Intermediate/Advanced Tactics Training and Application

Sensitive Activities Training

Professional Development

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